Company Profile

As a fully licensed and leading pension management, training and consultancy firm, this entity has charted a path of success and industry distinction in quality service delivery and customer focus.

With a legacy spanning over 85 years, the trust CPF Financial Services Ltd has earned, carries beyond pension management. We have the financial stability and drive to innovative which has accordingly steered the company away from the mold resulting in an expanded line of service and network running across all counties.

Business acumen garnered over the years, has enabled CPF Financial Services Ltd. to grow its business to become a total solution to its clients’ financial services needs. We help our clients and their families achieve a better financial future.


“Fulfilling lives”

Our Mission

"To provide innovative retirement, financial, infrastructural and consulting solutions through partnerships that safeguard the interests of all stakeholders."

Our Core Values

Our commitment to provide high quality service to our customer is preserved in our core values of:

  • Team Spirit:
    At CPF all units work as a team and appreciate the important role played by others so as to achieve seamless customer service with individual and organizational success.

  • Innovativeness:
    CPF strives to continuously innovate and be proactive in developing new products, processes and systems in response to the evolving regulatory framework.

  • Professionalism:
    The team adheres to impeccable and beyond-reproach professional and personal standards in the conduct of our affairs with all; thinking and acting objectively.

  • Integrity:
    All who act for, or deal with, the enterprise must espouse truth, honesty, and reliability at all times. Our resolve to maintain credibility with our clients is well established in the ISO certified quality manual.

  • Customer focus:
    To render the highest quality of service to all its customers based on the best quality products and services.



The Local Authorities Pension Trust Retirement Benefits Scheme was established under Legal Notice No. 313 on 1 April 1963, as a pension fund under the Kenya Local Government (Pensions) Regulations 1963, Legal Notice No. 313 and Legal Notice No. 200 of 1963, as amended from time to time.

The Scheme is a Defined Benefits Scheme and provides, under the rules of the Scheme, retirement benefits for the staff of County Governments, associated organizations, and approved reciprocating bodies as provided in the Scheme’s rules. Further, the Scheme is tax exempt under the Income Tax Act, Cap 470 Laws of Kenya.

The principal objective of the Scheme is to provide pension and other retirement benefits to employees of the sponsors and other individual and associated members of the Scheme upon their retirement from service.


The Laptrust (Umbrella) Retirement Fund was established under the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) Act and was registered with the Retirement Benefits Authority.

The Fund is a Defined Contributions Scheme and provides, under the rules of the Fund, retirement benefits for the staff of county governments, associated organizations, and approved reciprocating bodies as provided in the Fund’s rules. The Fund has 62 sponsors which comprise 7883 employees. Employees contribute to the Fund at the rate of 12% of their pensionable salaries while the employers contribute at a rate of 15% of the employees’ pensionable salaries. Individual organizations have the freedom to choose their preferred rates as per RBA guidelines.

With this plan, an individual is equipped for a stress-free life at retirement and can keep track of their savings and benefits through bi-annual statements of accounts issued to them. At retirement, benefits depend on your employers’ contribution, your contribution, and the investment income earned per annum.


The CPF Individual Pension Scheme was established under the RBA Act and was registered with the Retirement Benefits Authority.

The Scheme is a Individual Pension Scheme that affords individuals, especially those in the informal sector and those who are unemployed, an opportunity to save for retirement and guarantee them a dignified life at old age. Members secure their future today by making periodic contributions to a high-yielding retirement Scheme to provide income in retirement.