CPF Corporate Social Responsibility

The CPF Philosophy of 'fulfilling lives' captures its commitment to drive change in the society by providing comprehensive Retirement Benefits  and Scheme Administration Services and at the same time running sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that build a legacy in the society.

CPF Financial Services is committed to adopting best practice in integrating social and environmental concerns into business operations and in interactions with stakeholders on a voluntary basis. CPF is fully committed to the principles of CSR and intends that CSR should become embedded as far as possible into the policies and practices, to the benefit of the employees as well as the wider community.

CPF seeks to achieve corporate and social objectives by focusing on three key strategic areas;

1. Equal Opportunities: maintaining and promoting our commitment to the fulfillment and promotion of equal opportunities and to the ethos of CPF Financial Services

2. Good Relations: Developing and adopting a good relations strategy; partnering with like-minded stakeholder where possible for mutual good.

3. Environment: Developing environmental management practices that minimize waste and maximize efficiencies.

"A company cannot succeed, or even survive, it if does not manage its business ethically and live up to the trust placed in it by its customers, employees and shareholders. This trust not only rests on the company as a business, but on the company as a citizen, striving to build a better society." Michael Sabia, President and CEO BCE Inc.