Consultancy Services

CPF Financial Services Ltd provides the following Consulting Services:

Schemes Set up and capacity building for management
Our aim is to assist in setting up retirement benefits schemes, drawing from our wealth of experience of over 80 years in the subject. We assist the client in formulating Trust Deed and Rules as well as developing and maintaining Quality Management Systems that guarantee unmatched service to customers.

Fund Investment Accounting
Our aim is to ensure books of accounts of our clients comply with IFRS, IAS and Retirement Benefits Act. To achieve this we have a state of the art ERP software system which synchronizes all financial and operational transactions. We are able to give our clients timely financial and management reports which are critical for timely decision making.

Legal and Regulatory Advisory Services
CPF offers legal and regulatory advisory services to ensure our clients comply with the provisions of the Retirement Benefits Act, the Regulations, scheme rules and other applicable legislation. The team has legal knowledge, skills and experience in corporate, commercial and property law, contracts, taxation, legal audits and corporate compliance.

The team spearheads matters pertaining to corporate governance and is duly qualified to impart our clientele with guidelines on best practice in governance.