Training Services

CPF Financial Services provides Training and Advisory Services on set-up and management of Retirement Benefits Schemes and general Financial Training to Public and Private Sector institutions and Individuals as mandated under Regulation 7 of the Retirement Benefits (Administrators) Regulations of 2007.

Preview of Trainings offered by CPF

1. Electronic Document Management System & Paperless Office
To enable records and ICT staff be able to plan, design and implement electronic document management programs or be competent in already existing ones
Target Audience: Records, Archiving, ICT and Finance Directors, managers and officers

2. Pre-retirement
To help all employees plan and prepare for separation from the employer. The seminar approaches the subject of employee separation in a practical way, looking at the realities of separation and helping delegates develop an action plan they can implement in taking a positive approach to the next phase of their lives
Target Audience: HR Managers, Officers, Pension administrators, finance officers and all employees who are approaching retirement whether it be voluntary or through redundancy, at normal retirement age or earlier.

3.Project Management
To equip participants with the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques required to structure and manage projects in a manner that meets project objectives and stakeholder requirements.
Target Audience:
Project Managers, Program Managers, Project Team Leaders, Program Assistants, Admin Officers,  Admin Assistants

4. Business Continuity Planning
Equipped with the knowhow of how to identify the risks which affect continuity of business – and how to mitigate them, the importance of all employees playing a part, how to prepare and review a plan and the importance of communication during a disaster.
Target Audience: Board Members ,Government Departments Senior Managers, Departmental Heads, COO’s, New or experienced Business Continuity Planners, Managers, Auditors, Business Unit Staff, Information Technology specialists, who are involved with business continuity planning functions

5. E-Procurement in Public and Private Sector
To prepare the participants to play an active role in planning and implementing E-Procurement projects in their private organizations and in the public sector in general. E-Procurement can contribute significantly to the process of the transformation towards a more cost-effective organization and or government.
Target Audience: Business Owners / Managing Directors, Procurement Directors, Supplier Managers & Supply Chain Consultants, Buyers / Senior Buyers, Operations Directors & Managers,   Finance Managers, PLUS anyone who is responsible for / involved in Supplier Relationships, or anticipates being  involved with Supplier Management in the future.

We also offer tailored in-house trainings and workshops.